Ghosts in The Ground

by Flamingo Pink!

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I've been meaning to release this for a while.

And by "this", I mean... something. Anything.
Anything to say, "I'm still in fact here, and I'm still a musician."

I had a really rough time last year. As with all hard times, I honestly wasn't sure it would ever end, if the fog would ever lift and that I might just have to get used to never laughing again. Ever.

I actually said to Jerry at one very dark and sad point,
"I'm afraid I'll never be creative again and I'm afraid I'll never be able to write a song again."
My heart was just so broken.
And I didn't write a song for what was like a really long time for me.


But then I did.

And amazingly, Jerry and I didn't just survive the terrible bad awful hard time, we thrived through it.
We hugged and held hands through it. We breathed and talked and we were really patient through it. We were kind. We loved. We loved hard. Harder than we knew we could. Harder than the hardest part of the hard thing itself.

In fact, I think it was due to our loving so fucking hard that we eventually smashed right through the rock AND the hard place with it.

And the fog lifted, and I'm ok.
And I laughed really hard just last night!


"Some things in life can't be fixed, only carried" (Megan Devine)

Here are a few far-from-perfect tunes to carry along with the rest of all of our things that just can't be fixed. My hope is that releasing them will help to lighten everyone's load. Even just a little.

Thank you for listening.


released February 6, 2016

All songs by Megan Burns



all rights reserved


Flamingo Pink! Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: New Hands
Touching skin that feels like
Something else all together

You give me new hands

Take away my past
Give me the future
You swear you'll be there for

You give me new hands
(You'll be there for)
Track Name: Blurring Out
Make believe
I've got something up my sleeve
That could make things permanent

Looking back
I see the light between the lines
Blurring out
What's yours and mine
Track Name: Enemies
Tangle me up feel my fury
Don't waste my time I'm in a hurry

Oh rev me up
I'm yours
Handsome is as handsome does

Handsome is as handsome does

Who do you blame
Who do you make your enemies
Track Name: Ghosts in the Ground
All the ghosts are in the ground
Buried in their shrouds of memories
So they can stay a mystery

You wrote me a letter
You made me this way
You know I'm gonna get better

All the little ones
Nipping at heels at the base of the tree
Let my feet down
Grab ahold climb up

You wrote me a letter
You made me this way
You know I'm gonna get better
Track Name: Over Shoulders
I know this isn't the first
You've fallen in
I want this to be the last time

Let's draw lines over shoulders
Track Name: Better
Wrap me in your sweater
Swear you'll make me better