It's Our Job To Know We're Dinosaurs

by Flamingo Pink!

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I was still me and they were still they
but the four elements
made the three of us the one basic thing that we are
and then none of it
and then everything all over again

Leaking leaking leaking
we sat, lay, bounced, ran on rail road ties, peed on the lawn
over and over again

The familiar linear timeline shrank down into a coil
(a tiny speck of a spiraling boing-boing curl)
then the coil became microscopic
it leaned just hard enough into itself
and exploded, becoming

a swimming pool
stalks of corn
lounge chairs
country music
a 50's diner
three leather couches

From the distance, their engines revving, interpreted by our gentle ears we discovered it just means

The hearth of my heart is on fire now,
a safe glow no longer a threat cause we're drenched with the rains that came later, sudden, lulling us to sleep
"This is the part where we get to do that dreaming thing again."

The Musician asked the Therapist, "So, it's your job to know?" and the Love Puddle said "Of course it's our job to know... we're Dinosaurs."

And so we remembered.


released March 26, 2014

Created, performed and produced by Megan Burns

Thank you Cole Bee Wilson and Brian Mayhall for your time, energy and input. You helped make this better.

Thank you Brie and Mahrs for taking the journey with me that lead to our intrinsic dino-knowledge!

And so much gratitude for all the sweet sweeties who continually support, love and inspire. You help make me better.

Cover art (behind the dinos) by Sean DiIanni



all rights reserved


Flamingo Pink! Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: On Second Thought
Every time it comes to you you know what I'll do

It's always the same story and I know the end
Track Name: Stay a Little
You may not have a father and we may not have time
But we still know the things we want

Can we stay a little
Can we stay a little

I may not know the pressure
It's grip around our throats
It was the best, it was the best
We held on after the fall

Can we stay a little
Can we stay a little while

I may not know my mother
And she may only have dreams
but we will know the things we've tried

Can we stay a little
Can we stay a little while
Track Name: Oh Death
Hunger wins the battle every time
Pieces of people in our hands
If we're all dying for someone
Then I will die for you

Oh death, I just want to be friends

Courage is leaving every time
Pieces of people in my hands
If we're all leaving someone
Then I will leave you

Oh, I just want to be friends

Oh death, I just want to be
Track Name: Revving Engines
E.lec.tric. love
Track Name: One Person Is Not Enough People
We always wanted something bigger and better
But we felt okay because we weren't alone